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It Is Safe To Feel Safe!

Finding Peace During the Corona Pandemic

“I am Safe, Protected and Very Loved.”- Louise Hay

Currently I, like you, have been living in the disease control aspect of the Coronavirus; day by day, moment by moment.  My primary objective always being to keep myself and my loved ones healthy and safe. 

Wash, rinse, sanitize, repeat.  

I have been strictly forbidding my brain from thinking any further out than the next minute. Warning!  Warning! Warning! Shutdown all cranial lobes and cease any intellectual activity immediately! The Coronavirus dread forthcoming,  spreading fear, panic, anxiety, and all-out paralysis.

What I am finding is this pandemic triggers me on EVERY level possible:  health and wellbeing, finances, the need for human connection, and ultimately fear of death for myself and my loved ones.  It feels impossible to tackle my daily to-do list (did I mention, wash, rinse, sanitize repeat?) while trying to also combat that oncoming emotional trainwreck.  

As I have been processing how to cope with my personal stress and fear, I unearthed some deep-rooted feelings. The most important question I think I need to answer for myself is: How do I find, foster, and maintain a feeling of SAFETY in these present conditions?  And here my dear friends is the real conundrum.  

Are you like me and realizing the actual feeling of safety is its own slippery slope?  

When I really allow myself to dig deep and be truly honest, I have to admit this feeling of “not being safe” is one I have been suppressing LONG before the pandemic. Having had a childhood that was not as stable and secure as it could have been, I have had to come to terms with the fact I really don’t have formidable past experience with feeling safe.  (More on that later, this is after all my first blog post – no need to unearth ALL my childhood trauma out of the gate!). It is not an experience my nervous system ( the epicenter of feeling)  is familiar with. I have to REALLY absorb the concept and all that it encompasses in my body and mind.

Safety is not something I have previously felt safe with.

Sounds silly and redundant, I know!  There are times we have to find safety in the present moment, even when your fear wants to come barreling in on full throttle and unseat you on every level with past, present, and future worst-case scenarios. At the same time, It is in dealing with present moment fear and crisis, that we also realize how much we have suppressed and buried from days of past. That is the real crux of all trauma work; that historic unearthing that I am learning will ultimately lead to my true healing. 

So what does one do when they struggle with allowing themselves to feel safe in the present moment- as In Coronavirus?

Each time I feel unsafe, I have to slow down and actually feel the fear within my body.  Taking it one moment at a time, reminding myself it is SAFE to feel safe. I have to allow myself to experience that safety bit by bit within my body until ultimately, after much practice, my mind intellectualizes and my soul remembers.

I wanted to share some thoughts and tips with the hope it helps to guide you to a feeling of safety.

  • Slow down and be present in the moment;  you are enough and are doing enough
  • Have compassion for yourself and thoughts 
  • You are a functioning, kickass woman, who has gotten through LOTS of heavy stuff and will again
  • Your inner child may need some gentle, loving kindness coupled with the reminders of your previous superhero traits
  • Lastly (and for me,  most importantly) when the fear and the panic get too much,  prayer and some good old fashion faith go a long way! 
safe to feel safe angel statue

Breathe, regroup, pray, and repeat until you remember on a body, mind, and soul level: I AM NOT IN THIS ALONE. There is a power far greater than us in control here and we need to hand it over with surrender and faith that all is truly well and IT IS SAFE to FEEL SAFE.

I would love to hear how you help yourself feel safe in these unparalleled times. Please leave a comment below!

Amen and So It Is!

Wishing you and yours’ Angels, Blessings, and Miracles,


Mantra: “It is safe to be safe”

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