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From Freak to Faith to Freedom

Like many of us, I spent my upbringing feeling like I didn’t fit in. Although my father had a great love for the supernatural and miracles, he had a firm foothold in the “fire and brimstone” Catholic church. I went to a Catholic grammar school and an all girl high school where it was hard to not live in fear of being a sinner, broken, and imperfect (unlike God). This fear eventually turned into a harsh inner critic that continued to rear its ugly head throughout my life. It was loud enough to drown out my kinder, gentler, intuitive voice, leading to self doubt and all out suffering. One day, post divorce, I sat down to write in my journal with my usual self deprecation. I was condemning myself about how my whole life was a mess and it was all my fault. Yet, instead of criticism and name calling spewing forth from my fingers , I wrote 16 pages of gentle, loving words! They were kind, self compassionate and nurturing with deep spiritual undertones. They were unlike anything I had ever written to myself before. It was like the floodgates to my intuitive self had finally sprung open. I later came to call this journaling “Angel Scribing” for their angelic and gentle undertones. Almost 5 years later , they are still gently flowing like feathers from the angels. This is my gift! I want to coach you, as a spiritual woman, to believe in YOUR GIFTS! Our intuitive guidance is an aid: a pathway to our God given purpose. We need to have faith in our divine connections, and faith in our ability to manifest our dreams. These intuitive gifts are meant to be REVEALED, SHARED and MULTIPLIED in the service of ourselves and others. Amen and so it is!

michelle hydeck

Together we will make your dreams take flight!

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