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I have to say that my little guy read the book again after that day you spoke to him and he now says the prayer in the back and puts the angel feathers under his pillow every night. He especially liked the Archangel Michael information. He had me look it up and really likes that the angel Michael looks strong and has a sword to defend. I think it is helping him get to sleep better at night knowing the angel's wings are another "blanket" for him.

-Karen D.

This is a wonderful story that should be shared with all children. Even as an adult we need to be reminded of the angels around us. Thank you for bringing such a beautiful story into the world at this time.


This was the perfect gift for every child in my church youth group. Thank You for sharing your gift of writing M. Hydeck.


A beautiful story about the love of a mother, and recognizing the angels that surround us. This story touched the heart of all the students and teachers at your reading. A great gift idea!